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About Us

To share the story of Divalinas we first must start with the story of Evelina... 

Since a child Evelina's one true love has always been fashion. Always following the trends, to then recreate her own unique style. She has never been one to shy away from dressing how she wanted, or filling every cupboard in the house with her shoes haha! 

This love and flair ultimately led her to sourcing fashion & accessories to start her very first retail business Linas Luscious Fashion. Evelina found herself to be a regular at every local market, leading the trend in ladies fashion in home parties and selling from her garage.

Linas Luscious Fashion, would evolve into a storefront and change of name to Divalinas. The name Divalinas was created by her Daughter Lisa, merging Evelina's  abbreviated name Lina and Diva- because she is the ultimate Diva!

Divalinas started in Nelson St Wallsend in a little storefront, set up with second hand equipment, racks and slat walls and a rough (and I mean very rough) dressing room just slapped together and painted by Evelina herself.

Divalinas became an overnight success, as one of the first boutiques in Newcastle  catering for sizes 8-24 and most importantly the home of unique AFFORDABLE styles. Evelina realised she needed to move into a larger storefront, and eventually moved just a few doors down to her current home. 

To keep a long story short... you will never meet another woman like Evelina. Evelina's love and passion for her store, styles and clients is just contagious (make sure to like Divalinas Facebook page, and check out Evelina's weekly live videos). She truly epitomises the word passion and love for what she does everyday.

Evelina is REAL, she hasn't what the world would call a perfect body BUT she encourages all to EMBRACE who they are, how they look and how they want to portray themselves. Evelina will have you wearing things you never thought you could, and absolutely LOVING yourself. 

Evelina is a true pioneer for all boutiques, and now hopes to share this contagious love and passion to all Women around Australia. 

Happy Shopping... and don't forget we are just a call or email away if you ever need us to assist in finding that perfect outfit xxx